Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trinidad - September 11, 2010

Morning Trinidad Photo Walk
The morning began with a photo expedition through Trinidad. Getting out early to beat the heat was key during the time we were there -- ideally before harsh shadows form (shown here). It was a good opportunity to see artists, street vendors (e.g., a hat seller, a man selling carved musical instruments), and people going about their daily lives.

The yellow and green bell tower is visible throughout the city. It was worth a climb up the bell tower stairs to see the view of the green mountains, and the sea in the distance. Note: this same building also housed the "Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos Trinidad." There is a mention of the shooting down of the U-2 spy plane (U.S.), and some other efforts that were perceived as trying to destabilize or re-gain control of Cuba after the revolution in the early 1960s.

Lunch in the Country
After the morning photo walk, we left to drive back to Havana. A country lunch stop found us eating with some chickens and other rural denizens nearby. The rooster seemed to be giving us the evil eye -- maybe he knew we were having chicken for lunch.

Dinner at La Floridita, Havana
The writer Ernest Hemingway drank here,...and also here. It seemed like we heard this quite a bit around Havana. Hemingway liked to drink, and he used to live in Cuba. In fact, there was a life-size statue of Hemingway leaning against the bar in La Floridita, a bar and restaurant in Havana that claims to be the home of the Daiquiri drink. After taking more photographs for an hour or two, we walked to La Floridita for dinner, before returning to our hotel a few blocks away. The food at La Floridita was quite good.

(Thank you for the creme de cacao birthday present all.)

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