This page contains links to exhibit images; exhibitor sites; and other Cuba-related images.
   I. "Cuba: From Inside and Out" - Link to Exhibit Gallery
   II. Exhibitor Gallery/Site Links
   III. Old Cars Gallery
   IV. Cuba Photography and Art Links

I. Cuba: From Inside and Out
An Exhibition by American and Cuban Photographers
November 4 - December 6, 2010

To view exhibit images, please go to:
(Click on "U.S. Photographers" and/or "Cuban Photographers" to view youtube slideshows.) 

II. Exhibitor Gallery Links
Additional images from the exhibitors are available at the following sites:
  • Sharon Beach
  • Alejandra Chaverri -
  • Barbara Buchholz Collins -
  • Michael Collins
  • Harlan Crowder -  - See also Global Exchange Reality Tours blog piece featuring stories behind 2 of Harlan's Cuba trip photos:
  • Corinne C. DeBra -
  • Matt Drown -
  • Ron Herman -
  • Susan Kanda -
  • Mary Ellen Kaschub
  • Jan Laskowski
  • Sofia Milner Laskowski
  • Neeley Main -
  • Susan Neville
  • Laura Oliphant -
  • Bill Scull -
  • Cynthia Sun
  • John Thacker
    III. Old Cars Gallery

    Old Cars of Cuba 

    Yes, we have an old cars page! many people have asked about them.

    Havana was a city filled with cars at the time of the Revolution in the late 1950s -- it was the city with the second highest number of American cars per capita, after Detroit, we were told. After the Revolution, the state ended up owning many of these cars. During our trip in September, we did see a lot of old cars in Havana; some are driven by taxi drivers. What impressed many of us was the ingenuity in keeping these old cars running. With the economic embargo currently in place, it is difficult to get parts.

    The Cubans, for the most part, seemed a little puzzled at all the interest and the copious picture-taking. "Hey lady," you're camera is going to break if you keep taking pictures of those old cars," was the advice given to me by one carload of teenagers. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

    Included on this page are a few shots that I liked and I hope I will get links or shots from others on this trip. There were indeed some great old cars in Cuba. And the hood ornaments alone probably deserve their own separate page. (Improvised hood ornaments included metal pigeons and small multi-colored balls.)
    -- Corinne


    IV. Cuba Links
    A partial list of links to sites about Cuban art and photography includes:

    1.) Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam/Havana Biennial
    Also known as the Wifredo Lam* Center (located in Old Havana, Cuba) this organization promotes visual arts, and organizes the Havana Biennial.

    2.) Fototeca de Cuba
    Established in 1986, Fototeca, based in Havana, Cuba, helps conserve, study and promote Cuban photography. The organization maintains a collection of past and current Cuban photos.

    3.) *More on Cuban Artist, Wifredo Lam

    4.) More on Cuban Art (Wikipedia)

    5.) Other Exhibits of Cuban photographs in the U.S. include:

    "Cuba in Revolution" (Sept. - Oct. 2010)
    Photographs from "Constantino Arias: "The Years Before: 1945 - 1958"
    Center for Cuban Studies, New York City, NY; and other locations => 2011.

    "Javier Machado: Optic Fiber Photographs of Cuba" (May 21 - June 27, 2010)
    Sonoma County Museum, California

    "My Cuba" - Curated by Lucian Perkins (Nov. 7 - 14, 2009)
    FotoWeek Central 2, Washington, D.C.

    "Shifting Tides: Cuban Photography After the Revolution" (2001)
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) (also shown in NY and Chicago)