Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gathering photos for an exhibit

What Makes An Exhibition-Quality Image?

It is difficult to boil down 1,000s of photos from a trip into a few selections for an exhibit. As the Cuba trip came to a close, efforts to pare and sort digital and film images ramped up. Draft images were posted on a site for review comments and discussion.

Questions were asked, such as: What images would be new and fresh, and yet also convey the essence of Cuba? We all loved the old cars, but should we avoid showing too many pictures of old cars in this exhibit? At some point, as the hard work of choosing a sub-set of final images sets in; you alternatively like and don't like your work, or question yourself: Hasn't it all been done before? Are any of my images really any good? But, final decisions are made. And being part of a talented group where members can provide support, accountability, and a fresh perspective is very valuable.

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