Friday, October 29, 2010

Installing the Exhibit - Oct. 29, 2010

The Hanging

The Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) Gallery was filled with a small group intent on getting a job done today. Important issues were being discussed:

"What did it look like in your pre-viz?"
"Do you think it looks better here, or is that too low?"
"Can you hand me those scissors?"
"Do you remember how to tie a slip knot?"

"Were you going to pre-cut pieces of fishing line? Once those pieces get tangled up with each other, they can be impossible to get them apart..."
"You put the backing in upside down. Can you fix that?"
"We only have one stepladder. Do you think we could get another one?"
"Hmm. This picture is sticking out from the wall farther than this one. Can we fix that?"
"How big will the tables be for the food at the reception?"

All these questions were answered, and more, at "the hanging" today. Being present for part of installation day was a good reminder of how many details there are to attend to, even with the simplest exhibits. While pre-planning and basic tools such as scissors, levels, measuring tapes, spools of fishing line, and cardboard placeholders, can go a long way, there's nothing like a great team of ready-for-anything professionals.

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