Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Havana - September 13, 2010

Return Flight(s) Home

Today, all but a few of our group left Cuba, and flew back to Cancun, Mexico.

Making our way through the Havana airport, there was little time to reflect on all that we'd seen during our visit to Cuba; however, there was one last chance to see a few items we might have missed in small airport shops -- such as the chocolates lined up in the case at the Aurora counter (shown).

Seeing a mojito on a nearby table, I couldn't help but wonder if the freshly muddled mint in that drink had been grown on a farm that we toured, or one like it.

Then it was time to depart for Mexico/United States. And, soon we were settled in on a Cubana Air flight. There were no in-flight magazines, like we might see on U.S. flights. So, instead, we were reading the Cuban newspaper "Granma International" that had been passed out, in which Fidel Castro discussed his concerns over possible nuclear warfare and other topics. And, we enjoyed watching clouds. Wait, that one does look like a bear, don't you think?

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