Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trinidad - September 10, 2010

Trip to the Mountains, Trinidad

The group took a trip up into the mountains today, taking part of the journey in a large, covered (but open on the sides) truck.

On the activities list for today: a walk and a pig roast barbeque at Hacienda Codina (that also offered a special drink made with ginger, honey, lemon and rum).

There are some interesting colorful birds in Cuba, including a parrot I believe, and the very small bee hummingbird. Apparently, some interesting birds were heard in the on hike, but the birds chose not to come out and be seen or photographed.

The Disco Cave (near Las Cuevas Hotel)

After a dinner meeting at the hotel, two of us set off to find the disco in a cave that was mentioned to us yesterday. We stumbled down what looked to be a cow path in the dark, and saw a tarantula and a large slug on the ground on the way. At some point, after an old horse looked up at us, we felt uncertain we'd be able to find the disco; but then we saw a few people starting to line up outside an opening in the side of the hill nearby.

The disco opened at 10 p.m., and we were able to take a quick tour with a security guard, before opening time. The guard was very informative, and talked about the disco, and the legends associated with this cave system. (Picture showing guard at top of large flight of steps/seating in cave, at right.)

This disco was much bigger and more impressive than I would have thought -- so much so that I neglected to take any good pictures, e.g. of the disco ball hanging from the cave ceiling, or the enclosed DJ room, or the two dance floors inside, etc. Amazing place, and thank you to the guard, and to Bill Scull for being part of this short excursion. Note: flash photos at the cave entrance might disturb a small cluster of bats overhead, but once down in the cave this was not an issue.

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