Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photographers in Cuba-land

Thanks to a great deal of planning on the part of photographer and Foothill College Professor, Ron Herman, Global Exchange, and several others, a small group of 18 professionals involved in arts, technology and business made their way to Cuba in September 1-13, 2010. 

In keeping with the general license requirements for legal travel (for U.S. residents) to Cuba, a full-time program of meeting, events, and other sites took place. I was one of the participants on this trip, and I can say that it was a fascinating, busy, and almost overwhelming visual feast at times. We met many interesting people, and talented artists and photographers during our stay. And, while we managed to visit Cuba during the hottest time of the year (and also during Hurricane season), thankfully we only suffered from mild dehydration/heatstroke and a few tropical thunderstorms. It was a great trip, and this blog documents glimpses we received of people and places in Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, Cuba.

Hope you enjoy.
Corinne C. DeBra

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